Sorry for the Delay!

During the storm Sunday night, the tower that supplies internet to the whole lake area was hit by lightning. Crews are working to restore service but for now we are trying to post via email which is much slower.

Please know that everyone is having a great week so far! All groups spent time at the lake and the pool yesterday. We had Holy Eucharist in our own sessions but today we start combining groups so we can mingle with siblings and friends in other sessions.

The weather forecast looks gorgeous today and we have many more fun and exciting activities planned. We are cheering on Team USA in their World Cup game even though we won’t be able to watch it. Hopefully we will have internet service soon so we can post lots more pictures.

We appreciate all the prayers that we feel coming our way. Please keep them coming! Last night the worst of the storms went around us which we are truly thankful for. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!

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