New Counselors

If you have been an ECC counselor for less than three years (or haven’t been a counselor for five years or more) you are considered a New Counselor. Please review the counselor duties and responsibilities below. By submitting an application you are agreeing to abide by the camp rules and policies. If you agree, please print out the application and mail it to the registrar.

Counselor Duties & Responsibilities

New Counselor Application

**Please note: If this is your FIRST year as an ECC counselor OR you have’t been fingerprinted for ECC in the past, you are required to be fingerprinted. There are two ways to do this.

1. Print the Accurate Biometrics Form and take it to any Accurate Biometrics location. For a list of locations, days of operation, and hours please visit the Accurate Biometrics Website. There is a $40 fee but we get the results in two weeks or less. Also, they do optical fingerprints so you don’t get your fingers dirty.

2. Email the registrar to request Illinois State Police Form IL493-069. These forms are serial numbered and cannot be printed on your home printer. We will mail you the form and then you will have to make an appointment with a local law enforcement agency. They will collect ink fingerprints and submit them to the Diocese of Springfield (who maintains background check records for ECC). The Diocese will pay the processing fee and most law enforcement agencies will charge a very small fee or no fee at all. The downside is that this must be done AT LEAST six weeks prior to camp in order for us to receive the results in time.

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